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Computer Society

Our Objectives

The main objective of Computer Society is to develop a dynamic team of competitors that can lead PUCIT to the path of excellence in the various areas of information technology. The society is responsible for organizing local and national level seminars, student workshops on current technologies, and other activities, including software competitions, speed programming competitions, Internet gaming contest, and IT quiz competitions.
  • Chairperson: Muhammad Ahmad Ghazali, Assistant Professor
  • Email:

Faculty Board Members

  • Aasim Ali
  • Maria Chaudhary
  • Muhammad Adeel Nisar
  • Muhammad Ahmad Ghazali
  • Nastaeen Fatima
  • Umair Babar

Student Executive Body Members List

  • President  Muhammad Haziq (BSEF12M023)
  • General Secretary Saad Bin Saeed (BSEF12M012)
  • Event Manager (OC) Syed M. Awais Mazhar (BSEF12A003)
  • Event Manager (NC) Muhammad Adeel Tariq (BSEF12M544)
  • Media Manager Muhammad Ahmad (BSEF12A010)
  • Finance In-charge Iqra Rashid (BSEF13M003)
  • Décor In-charge Aleena Ahmad (BSEF13M012)
  • Senior Anchorperson Maham Nazir (BSEF13M008)
  • Office In-charge Rabia Khalid Farooq (BSEF13M031)
  • Décor/ Technical (NC) Muhammad Bin Naeem (BITF14M530)
  • Managerial (NC) Asad Ullah (BSEF14M564)
  • Managerial (NC) Hafsa Tariq (BITF15M528)
  • Décor (NC)Zunaira Siddique (BSEF14M516)
  • Photographer Shaheryar Khokhar (BITF14A023)
  • Host Bilal Rana (BITF14A009)
  • Content Writer & Event Reporter Shumail Shahid (BITF14A010)
  • Content Writer & Event Reporter Ghilman Anjum (BSEF13M051)
  • Décor CSR Shanza Arshad (BSEF13M002)
  • Décor CSR Namra Saleem (BSEF13M007)
  • Décor CSR Sehar Naqvi (BSEF12M040)
  • Managerial CSR Salman Haroon (BCSF14M028)
  • Managerial CSR M. Arslan Abbas (BCSF13A052)
  • Managerial CSR Awais Sarwar (BCSF13A011)
  • Managerial CSR M. Salman Khan (MCSF14A027)
  • Technical CSR Fahad Tufail (BSEF13M057))
  • Technical CSR Shahroz Kazim (BITF14M022)”
  • Technical CSR Hashim Ali (BSEF13M036)
  • Technical CSR Tawab Shakeel (BCSF14M057)

Contact us

  • Chairperson: Muhammad Ahmad Ghazali, Assistant Professor
  • Email:
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