Computer Labs/ Online Services



Email Services:

Using this service students and faculty members may communicate with one another. Students’ groups of different batches and programs are created for the ease of faculty and program coordinators for prompt message communication.

Students need to add “” just next to their roll numbers and their live email address is ready. Students participate in online classes/examinations by using this email ID.

URL to access the mail Service:


Campus Management System:

Campus Management System or CMS is an in-house developed system by the FCIT. Using this system, students may obtain their semester wise progress report as well as their attendance rolls and can print out their fee vouchers etc. Similarly, this portal is also very useful for faculty and degree coordinators as well as program coordinators for marking students’ attendance and exam related seeding inputs.

To access this system following URL needs to be accessed:


Oracle Database Services:

Students can access the Oracle Database Server to have an environment of oracle database for practicing from their homes. User can access the database by providing user ID, which is the Roll No of the student, and password.

URL for this purpose is:


FTP Services:

Students are facilitated with a network storage for file storing/transferring across the globe.

Students are provided with an FTP user ID to access this service. For students this user ID is their Roll No. URL for this purpose

FTP service is also available on Local Area Network /PUCIT network, where it is available for students with a network/mapped drive (M: drive), when login with the domain user on any system of the domain.


DNS Services:

Name server or DNS is also launched for resolving locally connected servers and resolving their names online for the ease of students and faculty members. For example, if students want to access and practice their database sessions, they may access using online address resolved by the Name servers.


VPN Services:

VPN or virtual private network is also created for faculty and PhD students to become the virtual part of our in-campus developed network to enjoy in-house provided facilities, specially accessing HEC’s provided IEEE network for their research purposes which is exclusively accessible only using HEC’s provided IP addresses. 

URL to access the VPN Server is:





Domain Controllers Services:

The centralized system has been provided to the students using Domain Controllers. Students may login anywhere, at any lab located in the campus by providing centralized authentication and logging in the network. Domain name is


Internet Services:

Internet Security, restrictions, allocation, provisioning, contents filtering, caching, Access Control Lists of web contents to users and Internet Planning and Policy is implemented for filtered access of the internet.  Students can access internet services by using proxy server IP address provided by the FCIT.


Printing Services:

Students can take prints of their reading material @ 5 rupees per page printed, after depositing a minimum amount of Rs.100. in the bank.

Service can be accessed on typing \\printsrv in the RUN.


Online Lecture Materials of the teachers:

Students have an access to the teachers’ lectures database.

Service can be accessed on typing \\printsrv in the RUN.


File Services:

Students are facilitated with network storage for file sharing on network.

Students are provided with a network/mapped drive (z: drive), when login with the domain user on any system of the domain.


Secure Shell Services:

Students can access the Linux Server to have an environment of Linux for practicing system programming & C++ courses.


Software Services:

Students and faculty have been provided with a software server to access and install their course related software on their personal machines i.e., laptops, home desktops.


Method to connect with Internet/Laptop Registration with FCIT Network:


  • On a paper, write your Roll No along with laptop’s MAC address, and note that MAC address should be of Wireless/Wi-Fi adapter.

If you want to know your MAC address, open the command prompt by going to:

the start—click on run—type cmd and press enter, a command prompt will appear here,

type the command ipconfig/all


On typing the above command, the system will appear some information. You will have to note down the Wireless/Wi-Fi MAC address written in the Hexadecimal format like:

“AC:FE:1D:E0:71:5C” etc.


  • Give the paper to the server room, the Server Room will register your MAC address in its servers. After registering the MAC address, you need to follow two steps:


  • When you connect with SSID like “LAB B” a box will prompt for password. Please, input the provided passwordYou will be successfully connected with FCIT network.
  • You need to set the proxy settings in your laptop by following these steps:

Open the internet explorer—go to the Tools—click on the Internet Options—click on Connections—click on LAN Settings—here, you need to uncheck everything except “Use a proxy server for your LAN” option.    [Adress:    Port:80]

click on ok—Apply and OK.


Now, enjoy the surfing on internet

Lab Staff

  • Senior Network Administrator
  • M.Sc (IT)
  • M.Sc (Economics)
  • Email:
  • IT Administrator 
  • MIT
  • MA
  • Network Administrator (PhD Study Leave)
  • PhD Computer Science (in progress)
  • MS (TQM)
  • M.Sc (CS)