Department of Information Technology

Department of Information Technology

Department of Information Technology was established on January 1st, 2021

Chairman Department of Information Technology

Programs Offered

BS (Information Technology)

MPhil Artificial Intelligence

PhD Artificial Intelligence


Dr.Asif Sohail

  • Assistant Professor
  • Program Coordinator, BS Information Technology (Old Campus)
  • PhD Computer Science  , PUCIT, University of the Punjab, Lahore (2022)
  • M.Phil Computer Science, PUCIT,  University of the Punjab, Lahore
  • M.Sc. Computer Science, International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Research / Teaching Interests: Database Systems, Operating Systems, Data Structures, Digital Logic & Design, Data Cleaning, Entity Resolution
  • Email:

Dr Muhammad Adeel Nisar

  • Assistant Professor
  • PhD Computer Science  , PU
  • M.Phil Computer Science, PU
  • M.Sc Computer Science, PU, 2004
  • Research / Teaching Interests: Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, System Programming
  • Email:

Muhammad Ahmad Ghazali

  • Assistant Professor
  • PhD Computer Science (In Progress), PU
  • MS Computer Science, FAST-NU, 2004
  • BS Computer Science, FAST-NU, 2002
  • Research / Teaching Interests: Programming Fundamentals, Object-Oriented Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms, Theory of Automata, Discrete Mathematics
  • Email:

Dr Sadeeqa Riaz Khan

  • Assistant Professor
  • BS IT Degree Supervisor New Campus
  • PhD Management Sciences (In Progress)
  • MS Total Quality Management, University of the Punjab, Lahore
  • MBIT (Marketing), University of the Punjab, Lahore
  • B.S Computer Science, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore
  • Research / Teaching Interests: Area of Interests: Management Information Systems, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Psychology, Professional Ethics
  • Email:
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Kashif Murtaza

  • Assistant Professor
  • PhD in Computer Vision (in progress), LUMS
  • MS in Computer Science, LUMS, Pakistan, 2012
  • BS in Computer Science, PUCIT, Pakistan, 2007
  • Research / Teaching Interests: Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Multiple View Geometry, Convex Optimization
  • Email:

Hafiz Anzar Ahmad

  • Assistant Professor
  • Research / Teaching Interests: Agent Modeling, Intelligent Systems, AI, OOP, OOAD, Software Engineering, SW Architecture Pattern, Fundamentals of Programming Languages
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Email:

Dr. Farsia Hussain

  • Assistant Professor
  • PhD Computational Mathematics (Spline Theory and Computer Graphics), PU, 2015
  • MS Mathematics, PU, 2008
  • BS Mathematics, PU, 2006
  • Research / Teaching Interests: Computational Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability and Statistics
  • Email:

Dr. Mian Muhammad Mubasher

  • Assistant Professor
  • PhD Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, University of the Punjab, Lahore
  • Research / Teaching Interests: Ambient Intelligence, Computational Modeling, Data and Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Social Simulation, Enterprise Application Development, Mobile Computing, Computational Modeling, Artificial Intelligence
  • Email:

Dr. Muhammad Farooq

  • Assistant Professor
  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand
  • M.Phil, Computer Science, University of the Punjab (PU), Lahore
  • M.Sc., Computer Science, University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore
  • B.Sc., Agricultural Engineering, University of Agriculture (UAF), Faisalabad
  • Research / Teaching Interests: Computer Vision, Generative AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Image Processing
  • Email:

Dr. Zara Nasar

  • Assistant Professor
  • PhD Computer Science, PUCIT, University of The Punjab, Pakistan (2021)
  • M.Phil. Computer Science, 2014-2016 (PUCIT, University of The Punjab, Pakistan)
  • BS Software Engineering, 2009-2013 (PUCIT, University of The Punjab, Pakistan)
  • Research / Teaching Interests: Data Mining and Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding and Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Modelling
  • Email:

Maryam Nawaz Awan

  • Lecturer
  • PhD Physics (PU) thesis in progress
  • MPhil Solid State Physics (PU) 2011
  • Bsc(hons) Physics (PU) 2009
  • Research / Teaching Interests: Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Email:
  • Curriculum Vitae