Event Management Society

Our Objectives (FCIT GALLERY)


The objective of this society is to arrange and organize co-curricular and extra-curricular events in- and out-door of PUCIT. The society is very keen to promote PUCIT by arranging college trips, educational workshops, exhibitions, book fairs, and graduation night dinners for outgoing students. The society also works with college administration in organizing various events, including Job Expo and the orientation ceremony for new students.


Old Campus

Mr. Muhammad Farooq, Assistant Professor

New Campus

Mr. Farhan Ahmad Ch., Assistant Professor

Event Highlights

Shaan E Rehmat ul Lil Alameen Event:


Shan-e-Rahmatul Alameen a well-directed and well-conceived event was successfully conducted by FCIT along with the blessings of Allah. The main theme of the event was to pay homage to Prophet Muhammad PBUH and cite the name of Allah.


The event started with soulful sounds of reciting the verses of the Holy Quran by the participants of the Qirat competition. These impassioned sounds filled the auditorium with an exceptional divine rapture and brought solace to the nomadic hearts. After that, the elegant and gentle voices of the participants of naat competitions levitated the souls of the listeners. The astounding pieces of art by our talented students had everyone in awe. By the end of these competitions, winners were announced and cherished for their success. With the announcements of the winners, the event was concluded successfully Alhamdulillah.

Contact us


  • Email: mfarooq@pucit.edu.pk Chairman Old Campus
  • Email: farhan@pucit.edu.pk Chairman New Campus