Frequently Asked Question Regarding Admission in Faculty of Computing & Information Technology (FCIT)

Question 1: How many departments are there under FCIT?

Answer: There are four departments under FCIT:

  1. Department of Computer Science
  2. Department of Software Engineering
  3. Department of Information Technology
  4. Department of Data Science

Question 2: What degrees programs are offered by these four departments?

Answer: Following degree programs are offered by the four departments of FCIT:

1.      Department of Computer Science offers:

  • BS Computer Science (Morning only Old Campus & New Campus)

2.      Department of Software Engineering offers:

  • BS Software Engineering (Morning & Afternoon/Self Support Old Campus)
  • BS Software Engineering (Morning only New Campus)

3.      Department of Information Technology offers:

  • BS Information Technology (Morning only Old Campus)
  • BS Information Technology (Self Support only New Campus)

4.      Department of Data Science offers:

  • BS Data Science (Morning & Afternoon/Self Support New Campus)

Question 3: When does FCIT offer admission to its BS Programs?

Answer: FCIT offers admission to all undergraduate programs for Fall Semester only. Exact dates are announced through print and electronic media (newspaper, PUCIT website, PU website and social media).

Question 4: Which  entrance test is required for admission in FCIT?

Answer: PU Admission Test is mandatory to apply for admission in all departments of FCIT in undergraduate programs for the session Fall 2024.


Question 5: Does FCIT consider any other standardized tests for admission (NTS, SAT, etc.)?

Answer: No

Question 6: Which scholarships does FCIT offer?

Answer: FCIT offers merit and need based scholarships every year from the University of the Punjab and its own resources to deserving students. Moreover, the HEC and Government of the Punjab also announce need–based HEC, EHSAAS and PEEF scholarships every year. Further, FCIT has signed an MOU with Professional Education Foundation (PEF) in Fall 2021which offers 100 scholarships per year for merit and needy students.  https://pucit.edu.pk/scholarships/


Question 7: Does FCIT offer admission to the afternoon or evening session?


Answer: There will be no admission in afternoon/replica or evening program in Fall 2024 for BS CS, BS IT, and BSSE New Campus. However, Department of Computer Science, Department of Software Engineering, and Department of Data Science offer BSCS (Old Campus), BSSE (Old Campus), and BS DS (New Campus) in both Morning and Afternoon/Self Support sessions.

Question 8: What are the fees for the undergraduate program?

Answer: Please check this page for fee information: https://pucit.edu.pk/fee-structure

Question 9: Are the degrees offered by the departments under FCIT, HEC recognized and accredited by PEC or NCEAC?

Answer: We are under process of accreditation of our degree programs. However, BSCS, BSSE, BSIT degrees of 2015 batch has already been accredited by NCEAC with the highest “W” Category.

Question 10: Does FCIT provide hostel facility?

Answer: University of the Punjab hostel facility is available for students admitted to the morning/regular programs only.

Question 11: Does FCIT give any transport facility to the students?

Answer: Yes, University of the Punjab bus service is available for different routes in the city.

Question 12: What are the timings for classes at FCIT? 

Answer: Classes (lectures and laboratory sessions) are held from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.


Question 13: Does FCIT offer admissions for the Spring semester?

Answer: No.

 Question 14: Where are classes of undergraduate (BS ) programs held?

Answer: The classes for BS (CS, SE IT, DS) programs are held at both campuses of the college, i.e. Old campus and New Campus.

Question 15: How many PhD teachers does FCIT have?

Answer: FCIT currently has 40 PhD faculty members out of 65 faculty members, including Fulbright Scholars, Erasmus Mundus Scholars.

Question 16:What are the areas of research of the PhD teachers at FCIT?

Answer: The PhD teachers at FCIT are currently pursuing research in the following areas:

  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Business Process Management
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Edge Computing
  • Big Data
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Computer Networks
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication
  • Optical Burst Switched Networks
  • Parallel Computing
  • Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Processing and Architectures
  • Spatial Data Management System
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Machine Learning

 Question 17: How many merit-based seats does FCIT have for each of its undergraduate Answer: Following are the number of seats:

BS Computer Science (Morning/Regular)                  = 40 for each campus

BS Computer Science (Self Suport)                           =46 for old campus only

BS Information Technology (Morning/Regular)        = 40 for each campus

BS Software Engineering (Morning/Regular)            = 40 for each campus

BS Software Engineering (Self Support)                   = 46 for old campus only

BS Data Science (Morning/Regular)                          = 40 for new campus

BS Data Science (Self Support)                                 = 46 for new campus

Question 18:  Is NOC required to submit if the candidate whose name appears in the merit list, has its terminal degree from any board other than BISE Lahore?

Answer: NOC is a must document to submit if the candidate is offered admission in BS (CS, SE, IT, DS). This is for those candidates who have their terminal degree from any board other than BISE Lahore, Federal Board, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Gujranwala. Without this document, admission would not be granted.


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