Funded Research Programs (FRP)

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[Published On :October 17, 2022]

​Call for proposal

Challenge-Driven Innovation Fund (CIF)

Last Date : August 7,2022


Ignite Challenge-driven Innovation Fund aims to build on new, cutting-edge directions in information and communication technology to disrupt a field and a market or create new opportunities by realizing innovative technological solutions grounded in high-risk/high-gain research and development. With each specific challenge, the Ignite will establish a portfolio of projects that explore different perspectives, competing approaches or complementary aspects of the challenge. The complexity and high-risk nature of this research will require multidisciplinary collaborations.

With projects funded under the Challenge-driven Innovation Fund, the Ignite aims to build a portfolio of coherent projects with a medium to long-term business goal and a technology-based strategic plan. For this purpose they may include applied research, technology development and/or method/tool and integration, testing and validation on a small-scale prototype in a laboratory or simulated environment. Project outcomes must also include top-level scientific publications as well as an adequate formal protection of the generated intellectual property (IP). The activities have their center of gravity at Technology Readiness Level 3 to 4.

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[Published On : June 26, 2022]

​Call for proposal

CPEC- Collaborative Research Grant (CPEC-CRG)

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​Call for proposal for CPEC- Collaborative Research Grant (CPEC-CRG) is now closed. Last date for submission of Full Project Proposal (FPP) was 31.03.2021 (11.59 PM Pakistan Standard Time). Received applications are currently under process

The CPEC- Collaborative Research Grant (CPEC – CRG) is one of the key components of recently launched HEC initiative namely “Academic Collaboration under CPEC Consortium of Universities”. The overall objective of the said project is to understand and respond to the historic global geo-strategic and geo-economic transition and its impact on the region in general and Pakistan in particular, keeping in the view the broad Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and its Pakistan-specific component – CPEC. The national response to the strategic opportunity arising out of the emerging global dynamics is the CPEC Long Term Plan (LTP).

The CPEC – CRG is anticipated to support promising research partnerships between Pakistan and China, aiming at finding solutions to CPEC-related problems through joint research by the universities of Pakistan and China, drawing upon research potential of academia on both sides. Keeping in view the scope and foreseeable impact of CPEC, this initiative will go a long way in supporting collaborative research proposals, addressing problems and issues pertaining to Pakistan’s socio-economic development in general and CPEC in particular.

CPEC – CRG research projects must be collaborative in scope, with teams composed of academic researchers from Pakistan and China with the appropriate expertise to address the research challenge, as well as industrial and sectoral collaborators within Pakistan and/or China. Principal Investigators (PIs) should be faculty members at higher education institutions in Pakistan. To take full advantage of the national research capacity, proposals are encouraged from teams including junior and senior academic staff, as well as both male and female researchers. PIs are also encouraged to include students who have worked on the academic research underpinning the CPEC – CRG proposal as part of the team.

CPEC – CRG awards will be selected competitively using a merit-based, independent, transparent evaluation and selection process based upon international standards. In addition, HEC will organize workshops and webinars, as well as develop a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the CPEC- CRG program.

[Published On :April 04, 2022]