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Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) are university-based community groups powered by Google Developers for students interested in technology. The aim is to help students bridge the gap between theory and practice. The program is designed to help them build their mobile and web development skills and knowledge. It is intended to be a space for students to learn and collaborate as they solve real world problems. By joining a GDSC, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community. Goal of DSC is to create Impact. Impact students, and empower them to impact their communities through technology.

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GDSC Events List | Tenure 2022-23

Hands On Bootcamp: Session on AI speaker session/tech talk 01-Jun-23 Learn the basics of artificial intelligence (AI) and build your own AI applications in this hands-on bootcamp
Speed Programming Workshop speaker session/tech talk 25-May-23 Ahmad Saif (BCSF19M509), ICPC Gold medalist, will be conducting a workshop on speed programming for all speed programming enthusiasts.
Machine Learning – Unveiling the mysteries speaker session/tech talk 23-May-23 GDSC PUCIT brings to you this session on machine learning. We’ll start from the very basics and go to a intermediate level. We’ll also discuss its real world applications.
Impact of Artificial Intelligence speaker session/tech talk 10-May-23 we will explore the impact of the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence on our workforce, corporations, and daily lives.
CyberFest 1.0 workshop 04-May-23 Cyber Fest 1.0 ,an online virtual event on Deep Dive into Programming with C-II(Getting started with Linux).
APPFEST 1.0 hackathon 28-Apr-23 APPFEST 1.0 , is a technology-focused event that includes an app development and web development contest, as well as a female coding competition called Code BEES.
CyberFest 1.0, workshop 13-Apr-23 CyberFest 1.0, featuring a deep dive into programming with a C workshop.
Cyber Security 101 Bootcamp bootcamp 30-Mar-23 Cyber Security Bootcamp – the ultimate destination for tech enthusiasts who want to enhance their cybersecurity skills and knowledge!
CodeFest 3.0 hackathon 22-Mar-23 CodeFest 3.0 a coding competition is specially designed to put your skills to the test and how you can utilize your coding abilities against the odds
Flutter Unlocked speaker session/tech talk 20-Mar-23 This event is designed to help students learn and develop their skills in mobile app development using two popular technologies – Native Android and Flutter.
Introduction to Web3 & Metaverse info session 09-Feb-23 This seminar will delve into the exciting world of web3 and metaverse and provide you with valuable insights and information on the latest developments in this field.
CodeFest 2.0 hackathon 27-Jan-23 The CodingFest is a competition for programmers of all skill levels. This contest is divided into two sections, the Senior Category and the Junior Category.
Competitive Programming Workshop speaker session/tech talk 16-Jan-23 This workshop will get you up and running with Competitive Programming, its platforms, the techniques and all the related stuff that can make the difference between you and your team losing it or taking it all home.
Competitive Programming and Tech Career info session 10-Jan-23 our event “Competitive Programming and Tech Career” with our special guest from UAE, Ma’am Ayesha Siddiqa
The Career Problems by Shafiqa Iqbal speaker session/tech talk 08-Dec-22 Shaifqa Iqbal, the Googler from PUCIT recently became the center of attraction and an inspiration to every student in an IT Institute who wants to join a big tech company.
UI/UX as a Profession speaker session/tech talk 11-Nov-22 A hands-on workshop that focuses on the fundamentals to become a successful UI/UX designer.
Hack the HacktoberFest speaker session/tech talk 04-Oct-22 Hacktoberfest is a global event conducted by GitHub and Digital Ocean to promote the drive to contribute to open source projects amongst not only professionals but students as well.


Mr. Abdul Mateen, Lecturer



December’s Techfiesta

Introducing our first speaker for DECEMBER’S TECHFIESTA, Rizwan Javed. He will bring forward the tech fiesta. He is a renowned name in Cloud Technology, Corporate Business Strategy, Advisory, and Automation Consultancy.
Rizwan graduated from PUCIT in 2007 and has a history of working in the fields of Software Engineering, Research, Project Management, and now he is the Business Development Manager at Genese Cloud Solutions.
He will be here with us, discussing Amazon Cloud Services from Introduction to Job Market Review to Career Path and Expert Advice for the IT/Engineering faculty and students.

Introducing our second speaker for DECEMBER’S TECHFIESTA, Haroon Akhter. Haroon will be delivering us some career counseling tips, interview advice, and much more. He graduated from PUCIT in 2007 and is currently working as Chief Happiness Officer (CHO-HR) at OZI Technology. Haroon is the Co-founder of HR Knowledge Cafe. He has a work history in SQA and human resources at companies, recruitment teams, and system & business analysis modules.

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