Introduction to Islam by Muhammad Dr. Hamidullah

This book I think is for the student wishing to learn about or is interested in becoming a Muslim (I’m not one of them, I was just curious about the religion, and also happened to have the book lying around – something I bought on sort of a whim in my college days I guess while visiting a afire about the religion). Gives a brief history of Islam, the conduct and requirements of what being a Muslim infers, and also how and what is expected in terms of prayers and behavior is required. There is also an brief introduction to Arabic text.This book will not make a convert probably of anyone who already has made up their mind on what they think about Islam. Nor is it a book that looks at too much concerning the controversy surrounding Islam’s practical application throughout history. It is sort of a propaganda piece of course, but not one towards trying to convince the listener to become a Muslim. It paints Islam in a good light and makes one or two quips against other religions. But it is done in a rational and practical manner and reveals the practical nature of the religion.What I’ve learned from the book is that Islam is a religion not only of behavior, but also one of governance. I can see why it can appeal to many people because it addresses the major sins of life – lust, alcohol, social/economic inequity and to a lesser extent on food (which has roots probably in practical concerns with toxins, disease, and parasites). It gives people regiment and a routine and a purpose to their lives, and keeps them busy enough about remind themselves of their spirituality to keep society hopefully as moral and stable as possible. You could say that this system of religion/governance addresses a lot of the major problems in a society. Whether or not one agrees as to whether or not it is the right way of addressing the issues is another discussion entirely.