Library FCIT is the first ever automated online Library in the public sector Universities. KOHA an open source library services management software is being said to facilitate the library users. Faculty members and students can access the library physical & digital resources from their home/work place. We also provide access to high quality, peer reviewed Journals more than 23000 by HEC Digital Library. This also includes full access to IEEE and ACM full text resources. We are committed to provide economical and efficient delivery of information to our users to impart quality education at FCIT. Library FCIT is enriched with the useful and related collection of over 24000 volumes comprising printed and electronic information sources. The library is managed by qualified and experienced staff, dedicated to provide high quality innovative services to its users.



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PU Main Library 

Punjab University Main Library is the largest resource center of knowledge and information in Pakistan, which came into existence in 1882. The library remained in its old building up to 1988 and in the same year it was shifted to its present two storied building. The total area of library is 102,000 sq. feet with a basement of 10,000 sq. feet. It started functioning with the purchased collection of Sir Donald Macleod’s 2000 volumes, and up to December 2020 the book collection increased to 5,83,777+, which included 22000+ manuscripts, 250 Foreign & local journals and 65,000+ bound volumes of national and international research journals covering various disciplines being taught in the University.

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Internet based library services

Internet based library services are now available in the FCIT Library Old Campus. For this purpose systems are placed in the library. Students now can use this facility to browse data even if they do not have their own laptop.
Please use the following URL to browse the library online catalogue.

Digital Archived Newspapers:

Zamindar Newspaper

Inquilab Newspaper

Digital Library Program Subscribed Journals


FCIT Library offers a big collection of more than 70% of online journals available all over the world. Most of the journals are peer reviewed and highly research oriented. All resources can be accessed within Punjab University LAN (Local Area Network) only.


Thousands of courses delivered by world authorities in Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Social Sciences, Economics and other fields are freely available at the following link: Click here for Lectures under Virtual Education Project Pakistan (VEPP) Program


List of Daily Newspapers (Hardcopies Available )


Library Timings


PUCIT Library will normally remain open daily from 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. (Except Saturday, Sunday and Gazetted Holidays).

Timings for Circulation:


Books circulation                                                     8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Circulation Break (for Prayer & Lunch)                   1.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m.

Issue of Books:


Policy regarding the issuance of books is as under:

  • A member(s) can borrow issue able material / book(s) from the library showing the College Identity Card. \
  • Reference books, newspapers and periodicals can only be consulted in the library.
  • If a book(s) borrowed from the library is urgently required in the library, the Librarian can call it back.
  • Librarian may with hold or restrict the circulation of any book in the library for specific purposes.
  • Books returned will not be issued/re-issued on the same date.
  • A book(s) may be re-issued provided that any other member(s) does not require the same.
  • A book(s) will not be re-issued or reserved on telephone or E-mail.
  • A Student can borrow only 04 books for a period of 14 days.
  • Rs. 10/- fine per day per volume will be charged after due date.

General Rules:


  • Silence must be observed in the library
  • All personal belongings will be deposited at the security room of the library.
  • The library staff will not be responsible for the precious things kept in the handbags, Briefcases etc.
  • A member(s) should not disturb arrangement of books in shelves.
  • A member(s) should leave the book(s)/material consulted on the table/circulation counter.
  • A member(s) shall not use telephone in the Library.
  • Eating, sleeping, drinking, laughing, clapping, smoking, playing games or any destructive/nonsense activities are not allowed in the library.
  • Mobile Phone, Walkman and other musical instruments are prohibited in the library.
  • Books, Periodicals and Newspapers shall not be marked with ink or pencil.
  • Tearing out of pages or damaging the library material in any way is strictly prohibited. Alleged to do so shall be heavily fined by the Librarian.
  • Students are not allowed to visit the library with out PUCIT Identity Cards.
  • Complains should be reported to the librarian.
  • A member who infringes these rules shall be liable to forfeit use of his privilege of membership of the library use.
  • All members will also be required to submit for inspection of any book or any object, which they are carrying while leaving the Library.
  • All members must without fail intimate the Librarian of any change of their address.
  • The librarian is authorized to withdraw library facilities of any member who is found misusing library material or facilities
  • Members shall make their own arrangement for carrying book(s) etc. from and to the Library.

Library Staff

  • Tariq Saeed
  • Deputy Chief Librarian
  • Email:
  • Saiqa Riaz
  • Librarian
  • Email:
  • Rana Muhammad Akram
  • IT Support