M.phil CS

Eligibility for M.Phil Computer Science


  • M.Sc / BS (Hons.) with Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Software Engineering/ Computer Engineering/ Information Systems/ Bioinformatics/ Electrical Engineering/ Business and Information Technology (BBIT) Degree or its equivalent in the relevant subject from a recognized University (at least 16 year of education; 130 credit hours) as per Higher Education Commission (HEC) rules.

Programme of Studies


  • M.S/M.Phil course will be for four semesters. In first two semesters, 24 credit hours course work and in 3rd and 4th semesters 6 credit hours research work / internship / project (as the case may be) will be carried out.
  • For MS/ M.Phil leading to Ph.D. student shall be required to acquire CGPA = 3.0 and to pass a comprehensive examination (written) within one month after completing course work of 24+6 credit hours. On qualifying the comprehensive exam the admission will be transferred to Ph.D. and on such students MS/ M.Phil degree will not be conferred. In case student also want to earn M.S/M.Phil degree, than he/she has to complete requisite for that i.e. research work / internship of 6 credit hours in second year before starting the course work of Ph.D. The research work submitted for M.Phil will not be part of Ph.D. thesis.