2- Eligibility Criteria for Admission in PhD  (after 18 years of education):


To secure admission in PhD , at the Department of Computer Science, Information Technology, Data Science  University of the Punjab, the eligibility criteria is as follows.

The applicant must have 18 years of education, and must have obtained one of the following MS / MPhil degree (or their equivalent, as decided by the Equivalence Cell of University of the Punjab) from an HEC recognized university with a minimum of 3.0 / 4.0 CGPA:

  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Information Security
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering

The applicant must pass an entrance test conducted by the Department of Computer Science, University of the Punjab. This test will be based on the following subjects from core areas of computer science:


Undergraduate Level Courses:

Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Computer Programming, Data Structures, Database Systems, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Theory of Automata.


Graduate Level Courses: 

Advanced Theory of Computation, Advanced Analysis of Algorithms, Advanced Operating Systems, Advanced Computer Architecture.


To further remain in the admission process, the candidate is required to secure a minimum of 70% score in this test

Programme of Studies


  • Maximum permissible period for the completion of Ph.D. will be 5 years. The period shall be counted from the date of admission to the Ph.D. programme or conversion of MS/ M.Phil to Ph.D. programme (commencement of semester for 18 credit hours course work).
  • The minimum period of completion of Ph.D. programme shall be 3 years (one year 18 credit hours course work for Ph.D., comprehensive examination, synopsis; two years research ). After 5 years, the scholar shall cease to be the student of the University and shall not generally be eligible for readmission.
  • The PhD candidate has to take course work of 18 credit hours.
  • Candidates from Scientific Research Organizations, after successful completion of course work, may carry out their experimental work in laboratories of their parent departments on the recommendations of the supervisor, approved by the DPC/ Faculty Council, at the time of approval of the synopsis.
  • A Ph.D. student shall be required to pass a comprehensive examination (written) within one month after completing course work, and before undertaking the synopsis/research work.
  • A Ph.D. student shall be required to submit synopsis within six month of completing course work and before commencing the research work.
  • A Ph.D. student will give a seminar relevant to his/her field of research at his/her convenience within a year of submission of synopsis to the department for the approval of various statutory bodies such as DPCC/Advanced Studies & Research Board.