Publications Of FCIT Faculty

Sr. No Author Name Title Category Year CS SE IT DS
526 Fatima, R., Khan, M. H., Nisar, M. A., Doniec, R., Farid, M. S., & Grzegorzek, M. A Systematic Evaluation of Feature Encoding Techniques for Gait Analysis Using Multimodal Sensory Data Journal 2023 CS
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524 Mahmood, K., Rasool, G., Sabir, F., & Athar, A. An Empirical Study of Web Services Topics in Web Developer Discussions on Stack Overflow Journal 2023 CS
523 Rasool, G., Sabir, F., Jaffar, F., & Guéhéneuc, Y. G. A A Systematic Literature Review of the Impact of Antipatterns on Oo, so, and Mobile Software Systems Journal 2023 CS
522 Minani, J. B., Sabir, F., Moha, N., & Guéhéneuc, Y. G. A Multi-Method Study of Internet of Things Systems Testing in Industry Journal 2023 CS
521 Muflah Nasir, Muhammad Shahid Farid, Zobia Suhail, Muhammad Hassan Khan Optimal Thresholding for Multi-Window Computed Tomography (CT) to Predict Lung Cancer Journal 2023 CS
520 Muhammad Hassan Khan, Hiba Azam, Muhammad Shahid Farid Automatic multi-gait recognition using pedestrian’s spatiotemporal features Journal 2023 CS
519 Muhammad Usman, Mahnoor Ejaz, Janet E Nichol, Muhammad Shahid Farid, Sawaid Abbas, Muhammad Hassan Khan A Comparison of Machine Learning Models for Mapping Tree Species Using WorldView-2 Imagery in the Agroforestry Landscape of West Africa Journal 2023 CS
518 Abdullah Ilyas, Khurram Shahzad, Muhammad Kamran Malik Emotion Detection in Code-Mixed Roman Urdu-English Text Journal 2023 DS
517 Muhammad Anwar Hussain, Khurram Shahzad, Sarina Sulaiman Extremist Views Detection: Definition, Annotated Corpus, and Baseline Results Book 2023 DS
516 Muhammad Hammad Akram, Khurram Shahzad, Maryam Bashir ISE-Hate: A benchmark corpus for inter-faith, sectarian, and ethnic hatred detection on social media in Urdu Journal 2023 DS
515 Uzma Farooq, Mohd Shafry Mohd Rahim, Nabeel Sabir, Amir Hussain, Adnan Abid A Multi-stack RNN based Neural Machine Translation Model for English to Pakistan Sign Language Translation Journal 2023 DS
514 U Omer, R Tehseen, MS Farooq, A Abid Learning analytics in programming courses: Review and implications Journal 2023 DS
513 NA Nawaz, K Ishaq, U Farooq, A Khalil, S Rasheed, A Abid, F Rosdi A comprehensive review of security threats and solutions for the online social networks industry Journal 2023 DS
512 Mehreen Shahzadi, Faisal Bukhari, Numan Shafi Intelligent Predictive Model for Hepatitis C Conference 2023 DS
511 Sadiq, Muhammad Umair, and Muhammad Murtaza Yousaf. A scalable parallel algorithm for global sequence alignment with customizable scoring scheme Journal 2023 SE
510 Chaudhry, Natalia, and Muhammad Murtaza Yousaf A hash-based index for processing frequent updates and continuous location-based range queries Journal 2023 SE
509 Arshad, Muddassira, Muhammad Murtaza Yousaf, and Syed Mansoor Sarwar Dataset for Software Engineering Learning Resources Conference 2023 SE
508 Sadiq, Muhammad Umair, and Muhammad Murtaza Yousaf Space-efficient computation of parallel approximate string matching Journal 2023 SE
507 Arshad, Muddassira, Muhammad Murtaza Yousaf, and Syed Mansoor Sarwar Comprehensive Readability Assessment of Scientific Learning Resources Journal 2023 SE
506 Bukhari, M. A. S., Bukhari, F., Idrees, M., Hamza, S. A., & Bokhari, A. A. LectureBuddy: Towards Anonymous, Continuous, Real-time, and Automated Course Evaluation System. Conference 2023 DS
505 Sulman Malik, M. I., Danish, H. M., Ahmad, A., Khalid, S., & Shahzad, S. Classification of Call Transcriptions. Conference 2023 DS
504 Sabih, M., Farid, M. S., Ejaz, M., Husam, M., Khan, M. H., & Farooq, U. Raw Material Flow Rate Measurement on Belt Conveyor System Using Visual Data Journal 2023 CS
503 Nisar, M. A., Shirahama, K., Irshad, M. T., Huang, X., & Grzegorzek, M. A Hierarchical Multitask Learning Approach for the Recognition of Activities of Daily Living Using Data from Wearable Sensors Conference 2023 IT
502 Irshad, M. T., Li, F., Nisar, M. A., Huang, X., Buss, M., Kloep, L., … & Grzegorzek, M. (2023) Wearable-based human flow experience recognition enhanced by transfer learning methods using emotion data Journal 2023 IT
501 Huang, X., Schmelter, F., Irshad, M. T., Piet, A., Nisar, M. A., Sina, C., & Grzegorzek, M. Optimizing sleep staging on multimodal time series: Leveraging borderline synthetic minority oversampling technique and supervised convolutional contrastive learning Journal 2023 IT
500 Doniec, R., Konior, J., Sieciński, S., Piet, A., Irshad, M. T., Piaseczna, N., … & Grzegorzek, M. Sensor-Based Classification of Primary and Secondary Car Driver Activities Using Convolutional Neural Networks Journal 2023 IT
499 Huang, X., Shirahama, K., Irshad, M. T., Nisar, M. A., Piet, A., & Grzegorzek, M. Sleep Stage Classification in Children Using Self-Attention and Gaussian Noise Data Augmentation Journal 2023 IT
498 Khalid, A. R., Suhail, Z., & Danish, H. M. An Optimal Feature Extraction Technique for Glioma Tumor Detection from Brain MRI. Conference 2023 CS
496 Tariq, T., Suhail, Z., & Nawaz, Z. Knee Osteoarthritis Detection and Classification using X-rays Journal 2023 CS
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493 Naseer, F., Khan, M. N., Nawaz, Z., & Awais, Q. Telepresence Robots and Controlling Techniques in Healthcare System Conference 2023 DS
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491 Bukhari, M. A. S., Bukhari, F., Idrees, M., Hamza, S. A., & Bokhari, A. A. LectureBuddy: Towards Anonymous, Continuous, Real-time, and Automated Course Evaluation System Journal 2023 DS
490 Sohail, A., Ali, S., Butt, M. A., Rana, M. K. S., Anjum, M. S., & Tariq, M. I. Lifestyle Monitoring of Diabetic Patients Using Business Process on Social Media Conference 2023 DS
489 Iftikhar, T., & Khan, N. Background grid extraction from historical hand-drawn cadastral maps Journal 2023 CS
488 Akram, A., & Khan, N. SARGAN: Spatial Attention-based Residuals for Facial Expression Manipulation Journal 2023 CS
487 Akram, A., & Khan, N. LSRF: localized and sparse receptive fields for linear facial expression synthesis based on global face context. Journal 2023 CS
486 Akram, A., & Khan, N. US-GAN: on the importance of ultimate skip connection for facial expression synthesis Journal 2023 CS
485 Islam, A., Anjum, T., & Khan, N. Line extraction in handwritten documents via instance segmentation Journal 2023 CS
484 Anjum, T., & Khan, N. CALText: Contextual attention localization for offline handwritten text Journal 2023 CS
483 Nasir, T., & Malik, M. K. SACDNet: Towards Early Type 2 Diabetes Prediction with Uncertainty for Electronic Health Records Conference 2023 DS
482 Sanam Ahmed, Khurram Shahzad Augmenting Business Process Model Elements With End-User Feedback Journal 2022 SE DS
481 Saad Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Abdullah, Waheed Iqbal, Muhammad Arif Butt, Faisal Bukhari, Saeed-Ul Hassan Automatic Migration-Enabled Dynamic Resource Management for Containerized Workload Journal 2022 DS
480 Kashif Mehboob Khan, Junaid Arshad, Waheed Iqbal, Sidrah Abdullah, Hassan Zaib Blockchain-enabled real-time SLA monitoring for cloud-hosted services Journal 2022 DS
479 Saad Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Abdullah, Waheed Iqbal & Muhammad Arif Butt Efficient job placement using two-way offloading technique over fog-cloud architectures Journal 2022 DS
478 Wahab Khan, Ali Daud, Khurram Shahzad, Tehmina Amjad, Ameen Banjar, Heba Fasihuddin Named Entity Recognition Using Conditional Random Fields Journal 2022 DS
477 Rana Aurangzaib, Waheed Iqbal, Muhammad Abdullah, Faisal Bukhari, Faheem Ullah, Abdelkarim Erradi Scalable Containerized Pipeline for Real-time Big Data Analytics Conference 2022 DS
476 Amina Mustansir, Khurram Shahzad, Muhammad Kamran Malik Towards automatic business process redesign: an NLP based approach to extract redesign suggestions Journal 2022 SE DS
475 Saba Shaukat, Asma Shaukat, Khurram Shahzad, Ali Daud Using TREC for developing semantic information retrieval benchmark for Urdu Journal 2022 DS
474 M Ishaq, A Abid, MS Farooq, MF Manzoor, U Farooq, K Abid, MA Helou Advances in database systems education: Methods, tools, curricula, and way forward Journal 2022 DS
473 K Ishaq, F Rosdi, NAM Zin, A Abid Serious game design model for language learning in the cultural context Journal 2022 DS
472 MS Farooq, S Riaz, MA Helou, FS Khan, A Abid, A Alvi: Internet of Things in Greenhouse Agriculture: A Survey on Enabling Technologies, Applications, and Protocols Journal 2022 DS
471 MS Farooq, OO Sohail, A Abid, S Rasheed A survey on the role of IoT in agriculture for the implementation of smart livestock environment Journal 2022 DS
470 HA Abosaq, M Ramzan, F Althobiani, A Abid, KM Aamir, H Abdushkour Unusual driver behavior detection in videos using deep learning models Journal 2022 DS
469 A Abid, NA Nawaz, MS Farooq, U Farooq, I Abid, I Obaid Taxi Dispatch Optimization in Smart Cities Using TOPSIS Journal 2022 DS
468 MA Qureshi, M Asif, MF Hassan, A Abid, A Kamal, S Safdar, R Akber Sentiment analysis of reviews in natural language: Roman Urdu as a case study Journal 2022 DS
467 MS Farooq, Z Kalim, JN Qureshi, S Rasheed, A Abid A blockchain-based framework for distributed agile software development Journal 2022 DS
466 JN Qureshi, MS Farooq, A Abid, T Umer, AK Bashir, YB Zikria Blockchain Applications for the Internet of Things: Systematic Review and Challenges Journal 2022 DS
465 AW Malik, A Abid, S Farooq, I Abid, NA Nawaz, K Ishaq Cyber threats: taxonomy, impact, policies, and way forward Journal 2022 DS
464 Muhammad Nadeem, Faisal Bukhari, Ali Hussain: Predicting the Students Involvements and its Impacts on Learning Outcomes Through Online Education During Covid-19 Journal 2022 DS
463 Matiullah Shah, Muhammad Idrees, Muhammad Nadeem, Uzma Ghazanfar, Muhammad Atif, Fakhr e Alam, M Sultan Irshad, Muhammad Mudassir Abbasi, F Bukhari, M Rizwan Investigation of transport mechanism through charge-active regions in Sm0. 5Ca0. 5MnO3 Journal 2022 DS
462 Fatima Amjad, Muhammad Hassan Khan, Muhammad Adeel Nisar, Muhammad Shahid Farid, Marcin Grzegorzek A Comparative Study of Feature Selection Approaches for Human Activity Recognition Using Multimodal Sensory Data Journal 2021 CS IT
461 T Haider, MS Farid, R Mahmood, A Ilyas, MH Khan, STA Haider, MH Chaudhry, M Gul A Computer-Vision-Based Approach for Nitrogen Content Estimation in Plant Leaves. Agriculture Journal 2021 CS
460 Muhammad Usama, Qutaibah M Malluhi, Nordin Zakaria, Imran Razzak, Waheed Iqbal An efficient secure data compression technique based on chaos and adaptive Huffman coding Journal 2021 DS
459 Muhammad Hamid Chaudhry, Anuar Ahmad, Qudsia Gulzar, Muhammad Shahid Farid, Himan Shahabi, Nadhir Al-Ansari Assessment of DSM Based on Radiometric Transformation of UAV Data Journal 2021 CS
458 Zulqarnain Nazir, Khurram Shahzad, Muhammad Kamran Malik, Waheed Anwar, Imran Sarwar Bajwa, Khawar Mehmood Authorship Attribution for a Resource Poor Language—Urdu Journal 2021 DS
457 Alberto Gutierrez-Torre, Kiyana Bahadori, Waheed Iqbal, Tullio Vardanega, Josep Lluís Berral, David Carrera Automatic distributed deep learning using resource-constrained edge devices Journal 2021 DS
456 Waheed Iqbal, Waqas Ilyas Malik, Faisal Bukhari, Khaled Mohamad Almustafa, Zubiar Nawaz Big data full-text search index minimization using text summarization Journal 2021 DS
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454 Asma Maqsood, Muhammad Shahid Farid, Muhammad Hassan Khan, Marcin Grzegorzek Deep Malaria Parasite Detection in Thin Blood Smear Microscopic Images Journal 2021 CS
453 Muhammad Nadeem, Khurram Shahzad, Nadeem Majeed Extracting Software Change Requests from Mobile App Reviews Conference 2021 DS
452 Muhammad Moin Khan, Khurram Shahzad, Muhammad Kamran Malik Hate speech detection in roman urdu Journal 2021 DS
451 Lamiece Hassan, Syed Mustafa Ali, Waheed Iqbal, Shuja Baig, Kerri Viney, Hussain Hadi Automated detection and reduction of stigma in online discussions about TB. Journal 2021 SE DS
450 M.G. Sarwar Murshed, Christopher Murphy, Daqing Hou, Nazar Khan, Ganesh Ananthanarayanan, and Faraz Hussain. Machine Learning at the Network Edge: A Survey Journal 2021 CS
449 Tayyab Nasir, Muhammad Kamran Malik, Khurram Shahzad MMU-OCR-21: towards end-to-end Urdu text recognition using deep learning Journal 2021 DS
448 Abid Sohail, Khurram Shahzad, PD Dominic, Muhammad Arif Butt, Muhammad Arif, Muhammad Imran Tariq On computing the suitability of non-human resources for business process analysis Journal 2021 DS
447 Arbish Akram and Nazar Khan Pixel-based Facial Expression Synthesis Conference 2021 CS
446 Tehreem Fatima, Muhammad Shahid Farid Quality assessment of 3D synthesized images based on structural and textural distortion Journal 2021 CS
445 Rafia Mansoor, Muhammad Shahid Farid, Muhammad Hassan Khan, Asma Maqsood Research Article A Layered Approach for Quality Assessment of DIBR-Synthesized Images Journal 2021 CS
444 Amina Mustansir, Khurram Shahzad, Muhammad Kamran Malik Sentiment analysis of user feedback on business processes Conference 2021 SE DS
443 Madiha, K., Mujahid, U., Najam Ul Ismal, M., Sarwar, S., Ultralightweight Resilient Mutual Authentication Protocol for IoT based Edge Networks Journal 2021 CS SE
442 Muhammad Hammad Akram, Khurram Shahzad Violent Views Detection in Urdu Tweets Conference 2021 DS
441 Muhammad Hassan Khan, Muhammad Shahid Farid, Marcin Grzegorzek Vision-based approaches towards person identification using gait Journal 2021 CS
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439 Rabia Tehseen, M. Shoaib Farooq, Adnan Abid A framework for the prediction of earthquake using federated learning Journal 2021 DS
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436 MS Farooq, SS Abbas, A Abid, S Rasheed: A Hybrid Algorithm for Face Detection to Avoid Racial Inequity Due to Dark Skin Journal 2021 DS
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430 Muhammad Waqar, Hassan Dawood, Hussain Dawood, Nadeem Majeed, Ameen Banjar, Riad Alharbey An Efficient SMOTE-Based Deep Learning Model for Heart Attack Prediction Journal 2021 DS
429 A. Mushtaq, M. N. Majeed, F. Aadil, M. F. Khan and S. Lim An intelligent cluster optimization algorithm for smart body area networks Journal 2021 DS
428 Nazir, Faria & Muhammad Majeed, Nadeem & Ghazanfar, Mustansar ali & Maqsood, Muazzam An Arabic Mispronunciation Detection System Based on the Frequency of Mistakes for Asian Speakers Journal 2021 DS
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425 Iqra Safder, Zainab Mahmood, Raheem Sarwar, Saeed‐Ul Hassan, Farooq Zaman, Rao Muhammad Adeel Nawab, Faisal Bukhari, Rabeeh Ayaz Abbasi, Salem Alelyani, Naif Radi Aljohani, Raheel Nawaz Sentiment analysis for Urdu online reviews using deep learning models Journal 2021 DS
424 Safia Firdous, Rizwan Abid, Zubair Nawaz, Faisal Bukhari, Ammar Anwer, Leo L Cheng, Saima Sadaf Dysregulated alanine as a potential predictive marker of glioma—an insight from untargeted HRMAS-NMR and machine learning data Journal 2021 DS
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401 Muhammad Abdullah, Waheed Iqbal, Mahmood Arif, Bukhari Faisal, Erradi Abdelkarim Predictive Autoscaling of Microservices Hosted in Fog Microdata Center Journal 2020 DS
400 Muhammad Abdullah, Waheed Iqbal, Berral Josep Lluis, Polo Jorda, Carrera David Burst-Aware Predictive Autoscaling for Containerized Microservices Journal 2020 DS
399 Numan Shafi, Faisal Bukhari, Waheed Iqbal, Khaled Mohamad Almustafa, Muhammad Asif, Zubair Nawaz Cleft prediction before birth using deep neural network Journal 2020 DS
398 Muhammad Abdullah, Waheed Iqbal, Faisal Bukhari, Abdelkarim Erradi Diminishing returns and deep learning for adaptive CPU resource allocation of containers Journal 2020 DS
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396 Ayesha Hoor Chaudhry, Faisal Bukhari, Waheed Iqbal, Zubair Nawaz, Muhammad Kamran Malik Laparoscopic Training Exercises Using HTC VIVE. Journal 2020 DS
395 Sajid Razzaq, Zardad Khan, Mohammad Arif Mahmood, Mohammad Nadeem Khan, Waheed Iqbal, Nasir Zareen Comparison of effectiveness of topical and oral metronidazole for reducing postoperative pain after hemorrhoidectomy Journal 2020 DS
394 Muhammad Ali Raza, Muhammad Usama, Waheed Iqbal, Faisal Bukhari Secure NoSQL Over Cloud Using Data Decomposition and Queryable Encryption Conference 2020 DS
393 WAHEED IQBAL, MIRZA REHAN BAIG, MUDASSAR ALI, MUHAMMAD ZAID IQBAL, AJMAAL JAMI, TARIK ALAM Assessing Responsiveness of Elevated Serum Ferritin for Treatment in Chronic Hepatitis C Infected Patients Journal 2020 DS
392 Muhammad Tayyab Ahmad, Muhammad Kamran Malik, Khurram Shahzad, Faisal Aslam, Asif Iqbal, Zubair Nawaz, Faisal Bukhari Named entity recognition and classification for Punjabi Shahmukhi Journal 2020 DS
391 Syed Irtaza Muzaffar, Khurram Shahzad, Kamran Malik, Khawar Mahmood Intention mining: A deep learning-based approach for smart devices Journal 2020 DS
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379 Rabia Tehseen, Muhammad Shoaib Farooq, Adnan Abid Earthquake Prediction using Expert Systems: a systematic mapping study Journal 2020 DS
378 Nabeel Sabir, Adnan Abid, Kamran Abid A Novel Rule Based Machine Translation System for English to Pakistan Sign Language Translation Journal 2020 DS
377 Iqra Obaid, Muhammad Shoaib Farooq, Adnan Abid Gamification in Recruitment and Job Training: A Systematic Literature Review Journal 2020 DS
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368 Farooq, Muhammad Shoaib, Misbah Khan, and Adnan Abid A framework to make charity collection transparent and auditable using blockchain technology Journal 2020 DS
367 Zainab Mahmood, Iqra Safder, Rao Muhammad Adeel Nawab, Faisal Bukhari, Raheel Nawaz, Ahmed S Alfakeeh, Naif Radi Aljohani, Saeed-Ul Hassan Deep sentiments in roman urdu text using recurrent convolutional neural network model Journal 2020 DS
366 Shahzad Nazir, Muhammad Asif, Shahbaz Ahmad, Faisal Bukhari, Muhammad Tanvir Afzal, Hanan Aljuaid Important citation identification by exploiting content and section-wise in-text citation count Journal 2020 DS
365 Zain Aftab, Waheed Iqbal, Khaled Mohamad Almustafa, Faisal Bukhari, Muhammad Abdullah Automatic NoSQL to relational database transformation with dynamic schema mapping Journal 2020 DS
364 Fatima Tahir, Muhammad Abdullah, Faisal Bukhari, Khaled Mohamad Almustafa, Waheed Iqbal Online workload burst detection for efficient predictive autoscaling of applications Journal 2020 DS
363 Tehreem Fatima, Muhammad Shahid Farid Automatic detection of Plasmodium parasites from microscopic blood images Journal 2019 CS
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360 Mustafa, S., Sattar, K., Shuja, J., Sarwar, S., Maqsood, T., Madani, S. A., Guizani, S. SLA-Aware Best Fit Decreasing Techniques for Workload Consolidation in Clouds Journal 2019 CS
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