PUCIT Dress Code

Dress Code for Students


The following dress code for students must be observed on both campuses at all times:

Dress Code for Male Students


  • Shorts of any kind must not be part of the attire.
  • Clothes should not be skin-tight.
  • Loose-neck shirts are prohibited.
  • Low-hung (hanging below waistline) pants are not allowed.
  • Sunglasses or p-caps must not be worn in classrooms.
  • Slippers are not allowed.
  • Shirts with pictures or text printed on front or back are not allowed. However, shirts with small logos or emblems are acceptable.

Dress Code for Female Students


  • Dupatta must be part of the attire.
  • Shirts should not be over-fitted, or see-through.
  • Shirt length should at least knee-length or longer.
  • Length of sleeves must be three quarters or more.
  • Necklines must be non-revealing.
  • Fitted trousers, choori-dar pajamas, or tights must be accompanied by calf-length (half-way between knees and ankles) or longer length shirts without slits.
  • Trousers must be ankle-length or longer.

Penalty for dress code violation


  • For a first offense, the student will be given verbal warning by the teacher.
  • For a second offence, the students card will be taken and sent to SAC. SAC will issue as strict warning letter signed and approved by the Principal. The warning letter will be put in student file.
  • For a third offense, the case will be forwarded to SAC and student will be suspended for one week from college rolls. The student will not be allowed to enter college premises in this period.
  • For a fourth offense, the case will be forwarded to DC.