PUCIT Media Society

Our Objectives (FCIT GALLERY)

The basic idea is to provide students with an opportunity to develop life skills which will enable them to analyze the forms of modern communication and to help students to become wise consumers of media. We want to represent PUCIT and the life at PUCIT.

  • It will be the part of our duties to cover all types of on campus and outside campus activities and events.
  • PUMS will promote the image of PUCIT locally and internationally via different use of media channels.
  • Students are the main body of PUMS and they will contribute stories, photos, videos and articles about PUCIT which covers events, celebrations and different activities.
  • PUMS will provide the students with the opportunities to express and develop their ideas and talent through media, technology and communication.
  • PUMS will be led by individuals who represent students in general from all departments and will perform their duties with spirit of responsibility and great leadership skills to accomplish approves task and activities.
  • PUMS will combine several skills and ideas to end up with creative product.
  • Any Student who is creative and willing to learn is welcomed to join and become a member of this ever-growing group.

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MAJ. (RETD.) DR. MUHAMMAD ARIF BUTT ,Assistant Professor

DR. MUHAMMAD KAMRAN MALIK, Associate Professor 

KASHIF MURTAZA, Assistant Professor




Transition from university to It industry

FIMS successfully organized the Event Transition from University to IT Industry at Seminar Hall Old Campus from 11:30 to 1 Pm on 14th Dec. FIMS organized this event solely. We managed it and covered it with the help of our members. The event was covered by FIMS photography and videography teams. Our logistics team took care of the physical resources. This report will assess the event’s success, quality, and effectiveness.
Event Name: Transition from University to IT Industry
Date: 14-12-2021
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Location: Seminar Hall OC
Planning Team: FIMS Body
Number of Participants: 150
Facebook Live Link https://fb.watch/9UDps3VQtE/
Event Summary:
The event was a huge success. Seminar hall was full of students and they all actively took part in the event. Students shared their questions and fears with our speakers and they gave them their valuable input. FIMS also ensured the live streaming of the event on facebook and other digital platforms.
Conclusion & Recommendations:
The event was a success. The goal for the number of attendees was 100 and we easily crossed that. It was the first home event of FIMS and we can say that it was a success.
The recommendations for the next event are:
1. More Chairs almost 30% of the audience has to remain stand up.
2. We need some basic equipments that university doesn’t have like good quality microphones,tripods and speakers.

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  • Email: arif@pucit.edu.pk Chairman