Computer Society


The main objective of Computer Society is to develop a dynamic team of competitors that can lead PUCIT to the path of excellence in the various areas of information technology. The society is responsible for organizing local and national level seminars, student workshops on current technologies, and other activities, including software competitions, speed programming competitions, Internet gaming contest, and IT quiz competitions.

Event Management Society


Main objective of this society is to arrange and organize co-curricular events inside and outside PUCIT.Since its formation, the society has been working hard to promote PUCIT, arranging college trips, educational workshops, exhibitions, book fairs, and grduation night dinners for outgoing syudents. The society also helps college administration in organizing various events, including the orientation Ceremony for new students.

Blood Donor  Society

BDS is a team of highly motivated PUCITians with the sole purpose of connecting the needy patients with potential blood donors. One of our primary objectives is to keep and maintain database of volunteering students who are willing to donate their blood when needed. Our team tries our best to spread awareness among students all across the campus and motivate new donors to register for blood donation every year. For this purpose, an annual blood camp and seminar is held to appreciate top donors from previous years and encourage new ones to contribute in future.

P.S: BDS is an independent society, discretely functional only in PUCIT with no affiliations to any political or non-political outside agendas.

Literary Society


Literary Society helps students identify their creativities and provides channels for expressing them. The society also produces the yearly college magazine, Mozaic, and bi-yearly newsletter, IT Coverage. The debating Club also operates under this society. Organizing presentations, poetry recitation competitions, debating contests, writing competitions all are the hallmark activities of this society.

Sports Society


The Sports Society organizes various student and faculty (both male and female) sports activities in the College, including Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics, Chess, and Tug-of-War. It organizes the yearly PUCIT Olympics, a mega annual sports festival. The society also faiclitates students to take part in the various sports competitions held at the university and inter university levels.

PUCIT Media  Society

The basic idea is to provide students with an opportunity to develop life skills which will enable them to analyze the forms of modern communication and to help students to become wise consumers of media. We want to represent PUCIT and the life at PUCIT.

  • It will be the part of our duties to cover all types of on campus and outside campus activities and events.
  • PUMS will promote the image of PUCIT locally and internationally via different use of media channels.
  • Students are the main body of PUMS and they will contribute stories, photos, videos and articles about PUCIT which covers events, celebrations and different activities.
  • PUMS will provide the students with the opportunities to express and develop their ideas and talent through media, technology and communication.
  • PUMS will be led by individuals who represent students in general from all departments and will perform their duties with spirit of responsibility and great leadership skills to accomplish approves task and activities.
  • PUMS will combine several skills and ideas to end up with creative product.
  • Any Student who is creative and willing to learn is welcomed to join and become a member of this ever-growing group.