IT Mustakbil (ITM) Training Program – Systems Limited

Venue of Diploma in Computer Science: Ali Institute of Education, Ferozpur Road, Lahore


Systems Limited and Ali Institute of Education are pleased to announce the “IT Mustakbil (ITM) Training Program”, which aims to raise IT awareness, encouraging women to excel, upskilling and reskilling, and increasing job opportunities, resultantly stimulating IT exports and revolutionizing Pakistan’s IT Landscape.We encourage graduates and professionals to apply and opt for this 6-month Diploma in Computer Science. In order to register for this training program, applicant must have 16-year education in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Finance, or Statistics. This program is a great chance to learn and get first-hand experience from the faculty of leading universities and seasoned IT professionals from Systems Limited.On securing admission in this program, they will be taught Introduction to Computer Science, Introduction to Programming, Introduction to Data Structures, Introduction to OOP and a specialization in one of the following streams:RDMS & Graph DatabasesNode JS/React JSJava Full Stack/AngularERP & CRM & SalesforceE-Commerce & Supply ChainPower App and Power BIOn successful completion of this program, they will be able to opt for enhanced career opportunities in IT sector with promising employability chances.Venue of Diploma in Computer Science: Ali Institute of Education, Ferozpur Road, Lahore apply at

System Ltd

[Published On :June 26, 2022]

Traning Boot Camp for Mern Stack

Learn From Our Expert

Traning by BITSOL


[Published On :April 25, 2022]

​ A Session on Robotics

A Guidence To Career Growth in Europe

Presented By Dr. Arif Mehdi and Prof. Dr. Francesco Maurelli

[Published On :April 11, 2022]


Punjab University

Internships IREG FEB 2022

Part Time – Web Dev on


Position Title:  Contractor For Software Development

Position Title:  Internship in Web Development – Platform


Education: Student / Bachelors / Masters

Experience: No experience required

Compensation Range: Paid positions. Compensation To be discussed.

No. of Openings: 05

Age: 20-30 years

Gender: Male  or Female

Schedule:   Very flexible. You pick your own schedule. Changeable.

Description:   An opportunity is being provided to do easy web development by using platform (similar to WordPress drag n drop). Learn end to end web development as part of an agile team.


[Published On :March 10, 2022]

5-Days Workshop

Basic Training on Satellite Remote Sensing and Image Processing Techniques

On (10-14 January 2022)


The aim of this workshop is to introduce students with the principles of Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS) and overview of SRS image processing and its’ applications. The primary focus of this workshop is to get participants familiarize with the preliminary knowledge of remote sensing datasets and basic satellite image processing and interpretation techniques which will benefit them significantly in their respective fields.


More Info :Registration Form

[Published On :January 04, 2022]


Digital Learning & Skills Enrichment Initiative

Take the next step towards your personal & professional goals with Coursera


The Digital Learning & Skills Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI) is an initiative of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan in partnership with Coursera. DLSEI intends to enhance online learning and skills development among passionate students. They will be able to access courses and certifications from top universities of the world and get an opportunity to enroll themselves in the highest-ranked and most expensive online courses.



The DLSEI Phase-I project (An initiative under the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme executed through HEC Pakistan) was completed successfully and 8000 learners benefited from the project. DLSEI intended students to enhance online learning and developed skills among passionate students. Through DLSEI Phase-I, students got the opportunity to learn online courses and get certifications from top-ranked universities of the world.



After the successful completion of the DLSEI Phase-I project, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has signed a contract with Coursera for online courses at a large discount price. HEC through its initiative “Digital Learning and Skills Enrichment Initiative” (DLSEI) intends to enhance online learning and skills development among passionate students with 1000+ Courses and 28 Learning tracks. Coursera is a strategic partner and accelerating efforts to develop a talent base that delivers on the ambition of becoming a knowledge-based economy, where the industrial base is no more dependent on natural resources but one that is powered by technology and innovation.



The infrastructure of the Digital Learning & Skills Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI) to be provided by Coursera will help in the practical training of the youth enabling them to seek employment in the national and international market. DLSEI will serve as an online platform to include learners from all over Pakistan and be part of this great initiative and enable them to take advantage of the opportunity. Learners will be equipped with the most demanded learning tracks which would enable the learners to showcase their talent and skills, and also the learners can create their businesses through self-employment and entrepreneurship initiatives.

Initially, in the first year, 24000 Licenses will be available. Students can register over 1000+ courses on a single license for one year to get as many certifications from the top-ranked universities of the world as they can.


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[Published On :January 03, 2022]

SkipQ is an EdTech startup based in Silicon valley that provides a six-week training program to early-career software engineers in Pakistan. We’re very excited to announce our partnership with the top software and e-commerce companies in Pakistan. All our trainees receive at least 3 job interviews from participating companies at the end of each training. The trainees will be paid for the training.

We are proud that 100% of our new grads received job offers. All the trainees are placed at top-notch tech companies at salaries of  PKR 80K per month. The response from companies was so overwhelming that we had to turn away 4 companies who had set up interviews, as we ran out of trainees to place. These companies are now participating to hire trainees from the next cohort, which will run remotely from Dec 13, 2021 to January 20, 2022.

We invite you to ask your students and alumni to sign up and join upcoming SkipQ’s training program on “Production grade programming”. Trainees will learn how to develop & run a production-grade web application that runs on the cloud and uses the latest technologies for Infrastructure-as-code, continuous integration and continuous deployment. In addition, SkipQ trainees will get to know how to run sprints, perform code reviews and write modular, maintainable code with documentation. Attendees will be taught by faculty from the world’s best universities including Berkeley, Delft, Georgia Tech, Michigan and Swinburne. They will also receive coaching from Silicon Valley’s top developers from Google, Amazon, Salesforce, VMWare, Nvidia, and ASML.

SkipQ’s mission is to help early-stage software engineers develop their skills and place them in Pakistan’s top tech companies. We are glad to give your students the opportunity to skip the queue for their dream job. All they need to do is fill out this form by 9th December, 2021 and we’ll be in touch straight away:

Please apply by December 9, 2021. We will have an online programming test on Friday, December 10, 2021. Our entrance test covers the basics of Python. To prepare, please watch the first 4 hours of this YouTube video and attempt as many questions on Leetcode, in Python, as you are able to.

Contact us:

If you are an IT student or IT professional, following could be your perk for this week:

Oracle has launched free training and certifications till 31st of December.

Exams that costs 20-25k can be taken for free.


For details visit below link

(03-09-2021)1st Workshop on Blockchain Security & Applications

The Blockchain Security Lab is organizing a “1st Workshop on Blockchain Security & Applications” at Blockchain Security Lab, ITU, from 13 September, 2021 to 15 September, 2021.

The workshop will include the talks of national & international speakers, hands-on training, and tools demonstration.

The workshop will be focused on:

  • Blockchain in Cybersecurity
  • Applying machine learning over Blockchain
  • Challenges and techniques in migrating smart contracts


For details:

Registration Deadline: 09 September, 2021
Please register here:

Transform yourself into an ideal candidate with the 14-week accelerator program and a world-class certification.

For more details please visit